Nothing gets Classier than Velvet!

Its that time of the year again! University/ College is coming to an end and summer is getting closer! For those graduating and moving on to newer, bigger and better things in life, first off, good luck! Secondly, such a cliché, but its time to party! Cocktail parties, summer BBQ’s, formal gatherings and dinners will keep you wrapped up so bring out all the fancy attire and party with some style!

Lets just say, nothing gets classier than velvet! I absolutely love, and I mean love velvet. It just adds class to any outfit and is suitable for those evening cocktail parties or formal dinners. Make use of the slightly chilly weather to wear them before it gets too warm out. To get a more springy feel, printed shirts are your go to’s! Although, keep in mind to not take too much away from the statement of the outfit, (in this case the velvet blazer) so keep the shirt and pants lighter shades of color, such as whites or neutrals.

Lastly, accessories! Putting on a bow tie will definitely add a touch of modern and classy and give the outfit the ‘sophisticated’ look, as well as a wristwatch. Keeping the shoes simple will keep the outfit polished and a pair of loafers will do just that. So throw on a pair of shades and start to attend all your gatherings with some style and don’t forget to make use of the velvet before it gets too warm!


Burgundy; the New Black?

If you’ve been following fashions trends, you would know the soaring love for burgundy! But is burgundy becoming the new black?

It stands out and gives and eye-catching look to any outfit. Be it a pair of khakis, a shirt, or a leather jacket, burgundy definitely gives a splash of color and polishes up any look!

Burgundy leather jackets are without doubt one of a kind! Pairing them with a pair of jeans and some darks make the outfit contrast well and stand out. Zip them up or zip down, they make an everyday look more appealing while also dressing it up for slightly more formal settings or events. They are perfect for a day out and especially for evening events, as they’ll keep you warm! And if you live here in Canada, you’ll know I’m not exaggerating when I say, we can experience almost all 4 seasons in a day! So make sure you’re prepared.

With the oncoming and expected rainy weather, be sure to keep your leather boots around. They dress up the outfit and keep it trendy while saving you from the splashes of mud and the rain.

Accessories with outfits like these are not a must, but if you’re like me … and feel a little undressed without them, add a wristwatch or some bracelets, even a pair of shades. I would recommend adding a belt to this look; it’ll add just the right touch and pull the outfit together.

Burgundy adds the perfect touch of color, leaving a stylish, casual, yet polished impression and is definitely trending! So be sure to add some burgundy to your wardrobe!


A Wintery Spring

Surprise, surprise… Winter is back! Or as I like to say, it never really left. So lets make the most of it and make sure you keep out those gloves, scarves, and coats and welcome this everlasting winter with style. Camel coats are perfect for this wintery spring and give a trendy look without much effort. They make a perfect combination with neutrals, lights, or darks and keep the outfit simple and classy. Knitted scarves are personally one of my favorites! They dress-up any outfit and pull it all together, especially when you’re in a rush and no doubt, we’ve all seen those days.

Another accessory that adds style and gives the outfit a vintage look are hats! I love vintage, and hats do just that to an everyday outfit. You don’t need anything fancy but just pull on some darks or neutrals and add a hat to top it off! Leather gloves and side leather bags give off the sophisticated yet mature look and definitely make things a lot classier. Keep in mind that other accessories such as wrist watches can be used to accent the outfit, preferably stainless steel watches (avoid lighter shades of leather watches with camel coats as they blend together). Since spring hasn’t really arrived, and the chilly weather is still around, rock out your boots for as long as you can! The weather suitable footwear is not only warm, but can give your simple outfits some style.

If winter decides to let the flowers bloom, slowly start to add a bit more color to your outfit to get into the spring spirit, and don’t forget to top it off with a hat!