This Fall; Cool and Classy

The sun is embedding itself somewhere deep within the clouds, and well, the cooler weather is finally starting to kick in. But we can’t let the weather get the best of us! The casual tees and jeans were an easy solution for the days where dressing up was just ‘meh’. Buuuut, with the slightly chiller weather and not to mention the showers and splashes here and there you’ll need to throw on another layer or two.

Solution #1: Vest up!

Add a simple vest overtop of your casual tee, which will not only add another layer but will add some style ! A simple button up vest will give you the professional look while still keeping you comfy. A variety of colors can be worn, albeit a darker shade will help accent your outfit. Throwing on top a sweater such as a V-neck or button up instead can also keep you from getting the chills.


A pair of light, washed out jeans will do you good and can be worn with almost anything, button-ups, long sleeves, and even half-sleeve T-shirts. Use reflecting colors, like white and other cool tints, under the vest to complete the look.

Solution #2: Bring out the Boots!

As for shoes, almost any pair of shoes can be rocked with this outfit, but by going for a low-cut leather boot, you can balance the light color outfit with a darker and warmer color shade. They’ll also keep you safe from the chillier weather as well as those splashes! Of course, accessories are always a must! So just throw on a simple watch some and a pair of sunglasses and get ready for a day out while keeping yourself from those breezy winds.


Florals and Dresses? It’s Summer!

I must say, dresses are a girl’s best friend! Especially when you’ve got to beat the heat this summer! Dresses are perfect for when you’re on the go or on those humid days when a pair of jeans or jeggings just feel too sticky and icky!

The best part about dresses is you don’t need much, maybe some accessories and a pair of matching shoes, be it a pair of heels for fancier occasions or flats for the more casual days. Remember, dresses themselves are a statement so keeping it simple and elegant is ideal.


Florals  are your go to for summer! They give off the perfect spring/ summer vibe and add just the right color to your look! Additionally, floral prints make the ‘mix n’ match’ process easy because a simple, solid color goes well with the look even basic colours such as black and white. So for the breezier nights throwing on a simple black shawl or cardigan will match just right.

As for accessories, like I said, you don’t need much! Although, if you’re attending a fancier occasion, adding a necklace along with a pair of earrings, a watch or maybe a bracelet will fit perfectly. Otherwise, those humid days call for something simple and easy!

Whether it’s to go fancy or to simply avoid the heat, dresses are your go to this summer so make use of the weather while it lasts or in other words, beat the heat!

Casual and Comfy

Casual day with the boys? Summer’s here and those casual weekends with the boys calls for a simple and easy to wear outfit.

Straight cut jeans never go out of style and are so comfy! Spending on a pair of jeans that you can call home are definitely worth it! They can honestly be worn with anything be it a plaid shirt or even simple tee. Although rather than wearing just a casual t-shirt, wear the trending over-sized t-shirts! They still keep you feeling comfy and casual but add some style.

Casual days mean your favorite pair of casual shoes! Whether it’s a pair of flip-flops, loafers or a pair of sneakers, wear what you love! Straight cut jeans are ideal as they work with any pair of shoes. And my personal favorite, accessories! The street style look calls for some add-ons such as dog tags, arm candy and watches!

So finally when you get days off from work and plans with the boys, be yourself, be casual and be comfy.

Make a Statement

It’s that time of the year again! Summer time! So all those bbq’s, work get togethers, and meet ups are on roll and well you’ve got to dress to impress! So if you’re attending a family member’s big day or a fancy Friday at work, here are tips to stay classy.

Firstly, July is the heart of the warm summer days and the best way to get through them are by wearing light or neutral colors that reflect the sun. Whites are ideal for days like these and not only do they keep you cool but make a statement so it’s easy to pair with any set of bottoms! Whether it’s a pair of leather leggings or the immensely trending high waisted palazzo pants, a simple top goes a long way.

Secondly, heels! Heels are a definite must for any party related events so pull out the trendiest of heels and make a statement! Because the outfit is simple, fancy heels will carry the outfit well.

Lastly the accessories! With a simple, classy and statement making outfit you don’t need much to polish up the look but if you’re like me and just cant make do without accessories, adding a watch, bracelet, or a few rings will add the itsy bits to the look.

So this summer around, be sure to keep it simple, classy and attend all those parties with some style!


Comfy yet Stylish, Oh Its Possible!

As summer kicks off and the vacations and summer parties are right the around corner so are those summer jobs and work! So even though staying in PJ’s or sweats all day is ‘oh so easy’, sadly, you’ll have to change eventually! So here are three easy tips on how to stay comfy yet chic for those long working hours!

Firstly, make sure you get a pair of comfy jeans or jeggings and from personal experience, spending a couple of dollars on a pair that fits and feels just right is definitely worth it! When you’re spending the 9-5 in one outfit, staying comfy is key.

Secondly, a pair of comfortable shoes is absolutely essential! If you’re up on your feet all day long, comfortable shoes will keep you going. Getting a pair of comfy flats in basic colors such as black, beige, or brown is ideal as they work with a variety of different colors and go well with any outfit really. So make sure you’ve got a pair or two that you can slip on when you’re in a rush and those days are yet to come!

Number three! Basic shirts! It may sound rudimentary but trust me; it’s better than having a formal blouse that you’re worried you are going to get stained or is hard to move around in. Blouses and fancy tops are great but surely not an everyday. A casual top can go a long way! It’s easy to accessorize with such as with a simple statement necklace, watch, and maybe a ring or two, which will not only add some charm but also keep it stylish yet comfortable.

All in all, hope this summer has many happy days to bring and if you’re working then make sure to stay comfy but nonetheless, elegant and well put together.

Nothing gets Classier than Velvet!

Its that time of the year again! University/ College is coming to an end and summer is getting closer! For those graduating and moving on to newer, bigger and better things in life, first off, good luck! Secondly, such a cliché, but its time to party! Cocktail parties, summer BBQ’s, formal gatherings and dinners will keep you wrapped up so bring out all the fancy attire and party with some style!

Lets just say, nothing gets classier than velvet! I absolutely love, and I mean love velvet. It just adds class to any outfit and is suitable for those evening cocktail parties or formal dinners. Make use of the slightly chilly weather to wear them before it gets too warm out. To get a more springy feel, printed shirts are your go to’s! Although, keep in mind to not take too much away from the statement of the outfit, (in this case the velvet blazer) so keep the shirt and pants lighter shades of color, such as whites or neutrals.

Lastly, accessories! Putting on a bow tie will definitely add a touch of modern and classy and give the outfit the ‘sophisticated’ look, as well as a wristwatch. Keeping the shoes simple will keep the outfit polished and a pair of loafers will do just that. So throw on a pair of shades and start to attend all your gatherings with some style and don’t forget to make use of the velvet before it gets too warm!

Denims and Lace, Lace up for Warmer Weather!

So the weather is finally starting to warm up and it’s time to pull out those dresses and skirts and put away the coats and boots! I think we’ve all been dreading this winter as it seemed to stay much longer than expected. Although, I wouldn’t recommend trusting Canada’s weather just yet, so make sure you keep denim jackets around! They go perfectly with a simple outfit and keep it casual yet dressed.

The best thing about denims is that they work with neutrals or darks and add just the right touch of color! Whether it’s a knee-high skirt or a maxi dress, denim jackets are perfect to pull over and well, if it decides to get chilly out, it’ll keep you warm. And a plus for denims is that you don’t need to accessorize much, just add a small side bag or clutch and if you’d like to add more, a bracelet or watch will look just right. But keeping the outfit simple and casual is perfect for a nice day out!

Anything lace just dresses up any outfit! Be it a skirt or a top. Lace patterned skirts add just the right touch of ‘fancy’ and add style to any look. Like denims, lace skirts make a statement on their own and don’t need to be accessorized as much.

So as the weather changes and it finally gets a little warmer out, pull out the denims and dresses/ skirts and welcome it with a smile!

Burgundy; the New Black?

If you’ve been following fashions trends, you would know the soaring love for burgundy! But is burgundy becoming the new black?

It stands out and gives and eye-catching look to any outfit. Be it a pair of khakis, a shirt, or a leather jacket, burgundy definitely gives a splash of color and polishes up any look!

Burgundy leather jackets are without doubt one of a kind! Pairing them with a pair of jeans and some darks make the outfit contrast well and stand out. Zip them up or zip down, they make an everyday look more appealing while also dressing it up for slightly more formal settings or events. They are perfect for a day out and especially for evening events, as they’ll keep you warm! And if you live here in Canada, you’ll know I’m not exaggerating when I say, we can experience almost all 4 seasons in a day! So make sure you’re prepared.

With the oncoming and expected rainy weather, be sure to keep your leather boots around. They dress up the outfit and keep it trendy while saving you from the splashes of mud and the rain.

Accessories with outfits like these are not a must, but if you’re like me … and feel a little undressed without them, add a wristwatch or some bracelets, even a pair of shades. I would recommend adding a belt to this look; it’ll add just the right touch and pull the outfit together.

Burgundy adds the perfect touch of color, leaving a stylish, casual, yet polished impression and is definitely trending! So be sure to add some burgundy to your wardrobe!


Bold is Gold

We’ve all seen the bright yet gloomy days when the sun decides to stay behind the clouds. So, what better way to grapple days like those than with the bold and fierce look. Mixing darks with a splash of bright colors gives the perfect eye-catching look to any outfit! So if you’re an ‘all black everything fan’ this look is ideal for you! Wearing a pair of boots and keeping the colors dark is a perfect combination, especially when you add a bit of bold color to it. I personally love the high neck tops and feel they give off a fierce look and make up for a lack of accessories, especially on one of those ‘casual days’. Of course, accessories such as earrings, a necklace, or watch can add to the look but aren’t a must.

And as might be expected, a must have and an all time favourite are the leathers! Adding a leather jacket or coat just gives off the trendy, classy yet fierce look. They top off any outfit, especially if it’s to be spent outside on a chilly day.

Throwing on a pair of shades and adding a bright or bold lip color polish the outfit even more; keeping the outfit simple, casual and yet sophisticated. So on those gloomy days bring out your bolds and dress up with some color and stand out. It’s a quick to wear and easy to put together outfit but gives off the just the perfect bold and fierce look.

A Wintery Spring

Surprise, surprise… Winter is back! Or as I like to say, it never really left. So lets make the most of it and make sure you keep out those gloves, scarves, and coats and welcome this everlasting winter with style. Camel coats are perfect for this wintery spring and give a trendy look without much effort. They make a perfect combination with neutrals, lights, or darks and keep the outfit simple and classy. Knitted scarves are personally one of my favorites! They dress-up any outfit and pull it all together, especially when you’re in a rush and no doubt, we’ve all seen those days.

Another accessory that adds style and gives the outfit a vintage look are hats! I love vintage, and hats do just that to an everyday outfit. You don’t need anything fancy but just pull on some darks or neutrals and add a hat to top it off! Leather gloves and side leather bags give off the sophisticated yet mature look and definitely make things a lot classier. Keep in mind that other accessories such as wrist watches can be used to accent the outfit, preferably stainless steel watches (avoid lighter shades of leather watches with camel coats as they blend together). Since spring hasn’t really arrived, and the chilly weather is still around, rock out your boots for as long as you can! The weather suitable footwear is not only warm, but can give your simple outfits some style.

If winter decides to let the flowers bloom, slowly start to add a bit more color to your outfit to get into the spring spirit, and don’t forget to top it off with a hat!