Love shopping but can’t fit it in your busy schedule? Fret no more because like a famous person once said, “there is an app for that”, we’re saying the same! Butiik is the solution!  We are developing an app that will be the most convenient and personalized shopping experience you will come across. Through Butiik, not only will you be able to avoid the hassle of going to different stores to view and compare the prices of the products, but also browsing the online catalogues of each store. The Butiik experience will save you time as our app displays a catalogue of items that are available near you with an up-to-date inventory count, all within your smartphone. With all your favourite brands in your fingertips, searching for items that are nearest to you has never been easier.

We are working day and night to bring the experience to you as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, keep yourself updated on our progress while enjoying the fashion tips on our Butiik Blog!


Meet our passionate bloggers!




Hibbah Nasir

Fashionista. Painter. Photographer. Traveler. I’ve pretty much tried it all. I love my family and friends and absolutely love talking. “Life isn’t always perfect, but your outfit can be.”





Hira Labeeb

Hey guys! I’m Hira, currently living in Mississauga and aspiring to become a Human Resource Manager.  I love art, fashion, travelling and am obsessed with all kinds of food, especially the sweet kind. The integration of fashion with technology has always been exciting for me and has driven me to spread my love for fashion in Toronto.


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