This Fall; Cool and Classy

The sun is embedding itself somewhere deep within the clouds, and well, the cooler weather is finally starting to kick in. But we can’t let the weather get the best of us! The casual tees and jeans were an easy solution for the days where dressing up was just ‘meh’. Buuuut, with the slightly chiller weather and not to mention the showers and splashes here and there you’ll need to throw on another layer or two.

Solution #1: Vest up!

Add a simple vest overtop of your casual tee, which will not only add another layer but will add some style ! A simple button up vest will give you the professional look while still keeping you comfy. A variety of colors can be worn, albeit a darker shade will help accent your outfit. Throwing on top a sweater such as a V-neck or button up instead can also keep you from getting the chills.


A pair of light, washed out jeans will do you good and can be worn with almost anything, button-ups, long sleeves, and even half-sleeve T-shirts. Use reflecting colors, like white and other cool tints, under the vest to complete the look.

Solution #2: Bring out the Boots!

As for shoes, almost any pair of shoes can be rocked with this outfit, but by going for a low-cut leather boot, you can balance the light color outfit with a darker and warmer color shade. They’ll also keep you safe from the chillier weather as well as those splashes! Of course, accessories are always a must! So just throw on a simple watch some and a pair of sunglasses and get ready for a day out while keeping yourself from those breezy winds.


Published by

Hibbah Nasir

Fashionista. Painter. Photographer. Traveller. Student. I do it all. I love my family and friends and absolutely love talking. "Life isn't always perfect, but your outfit can be."

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