Florals and Dresses? It’s Summer!

I must say, dresses are a girl’s best friend! Especially when you’ve got to beat the heat this summer! Dresses are perfect for when you’re on the go or on those humid days when a pair of jeans or jeggings just feel too sticky and icky!

The best part about dresses is you don’t need much, maybe some accessories and a pair of matching shoes, be it a pair of heels for fancier occasions or flats for the more casual days. Remember, dresses themselves are a statement so keeping it simple and elegant is ideal.


Florals  are your go to for summer! They give off the perfect spring/ summer vibe and add just the right color to your look! Additionally, floral prints make the ‘mix n’ match’ process easy because a simple, solid color goes well with the look even basic colours such as black and white. So for the breezier nights throwing on a simple black shawl or cardigan will match just right.

As for accessories, like I said, you don’t need much! Although, if you’re attending a fancier occasion, adding a necklace along with a pair of earrings, a watch or maybe a bracelet will fit perfectly. Otherwise, those humid days call for something simple and easy!

Whether it’s to go fancy or to simply avoid the heat, dresses are your go to this summer so make use of the weather while it lasts or in other words, beat the heat!


Published by

Hibbah Nasir

Fashionista. Painter. Photographer. Traveller. Student. I do it all. I love my family and friends and absolutely love talking. "Life isn't always perfect, but your outfit can be."

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