Forget about all those cliche looks because Butiik’s new partnership with CONVEY will redefine your fashion outlook! CONVEY is a boutique established in Toronto, which aims to provide its customers with the most up-to-date, universal fashion trends. The best pathway is CONVEY, as the boutique is able to provide originality to its customers by obtaining an international group of designers. The store offers choice, as customers can follow the latest fashion trends from Sweden, New Zealand, the UK, Denmark and many more. Women can wear cut off shorts on a hot sunny day and men can wear a Sonderby raincoat when a rain storm comes in. It’s the perfect fit for just about anyone, so make your day by shopping at CONVEY!

Located at

754 Queen St West,
Toronto, ON

Mon – Wed: 12 PM – 7 PM
Thu – Fri: 12 PM – 8 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday: 11 PM – 5 PM




Published by

Hira Labeeb

Hey guys! I’m Hira, currently living in Mississauga and aspiring to become a Human Resource Manager. I love art, fashion, travelling and am obsessed with all kinds of food, especially the sweet kind. The integration of fashion with technology has always been exciting for me and has driven me to spread my love for fashion in Toronto.

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