Make a Statement

It’s that time of the year again! Summer time! So all those bbq’s, work get togethers, and meet ups are on roll and well you’ve got to dress to impress! So if you’re attending a family member’s big day or a fancy Friday at work, here are tips to stay classy.

Firstly, July is the heart of the warm summer days and the best way to get through them are by wearing light or neutral colors that reflect the sun. Whites are ideal for days like these and not only do they keep you cool but make a statement so it’s easy to pair with any set of bottoms! Whether it’s a pair of leather leggings or the immensely trending high waisted palazzo pants, a simple top goes a long way.

Secondly, heels! Heels are a definite must for any party related events so pull out the trendiest of heels and make a statement! Because the outfit is simple, fancy heels will carry the outfit well.

Lastly the accessories! With a simple, classy and statement making outfit you don’t need much to polish up the look but if you’re like me and just cant make do without accessories, adding a watch, bracelet, or a few rings will add the itsy bits to the look.

So this summer around, be sure to keep it simple, classy and attend all those parties with some style!



Published by

Hibbah Nasir

Fashionista. Painter. Photographer. Traveller. Student. I do it all. I love my family and friends and absolutely love talking. "Life isn't always perfect, but your outfit can be."

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