Bold is Gold

We’ve all seen the bright yet gloomy days when the sun decides to stay behind the clouds. So, what better way to grapple days like those than with the bold and fierce look. Mixing darks with a splash of bright colors gives the perfect eye-catching look to any outfit! So if you’re an ‘all black everything fan’ this look is ideal for you! Wearing a pair of boots and keeping the colors dark is a perfect combination, especially when you add a bit of bold color to it. I personally love the high neck tops and feel they give off a fierce look and make up for a lack of accessories, especially on one of those ‘casual days’. Of course, accessories such as earrings, a necklace, or watch can add to the look but aren’t a must.

And as might be expected, a must have and an all time favourite are the leathers! Adding a leather jacket or coat just gives off the trendy, classy yet fierce look. They top off any outfit, especially if it’s to be spent outside on a chilly day.

Throwing on a pair of shades and adding a bright or bold lip color polish the outfit even more; keeping the outfit simple, casual and yet sophisticated. So on those gloomy days bring out your bolds and dress up with some color and stand out. It’s a quick to wear and easy to put together outfit but gives off the just the perfect bold and fierce look.


Published by

Hibbah Nasir

Fashionista. Painter. Photographer. Traveller. Student. I do it all. I love my family and friends and absolutely love talking. "Life isn't always perfect, but your outfit can be."

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